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寡妇西条丽贝思兰"How did it turn out?" Lyu3 bu4 curious way."You..." D look flushed, hate hate waiting for zhou cang.

"This..." The moon people Wang Wen speech can not help but smother, looked at lyu3 bu4's eyes, dare not directly refuse, can only wry smile way: "I moon people, now can fight but eight thousand, I'm afraid...""To be honest?" Lyu3 bu4 will look at giffin, his heart has a plan to settle the qiang people, lyu3 bu4 also believe that if the plan is implemented in place, will speed up the qiang people into the han people, 100 years later, the guanzhong land without qiang han, just giffin said honesty, obviously not this.寡妇西条丽

寡妇西条丽"Kill and kill." Santa frowned, waved, was about to drive off the subordinates, suddenly turned his head to look at the subordinates: "Who killed? Tu everyone in trouble again?""Leo?" Lyu3 bu4 dazed, then react to come over, overjoyed: "Please, no, I personally go to please!" Said the man has been the wind and fire towards the outside."Master mighty!" Rear, after a moment of silence, Hande suddenly roared.

Matthew smell speech, frown nodded, but in the heart, still unable to let go, whispered: "father, the heart of the people must not be without, it is better to let the iron brother with people stay outside the city, I wait to enter the city."Provocative?"General, just seibel general came the news, the war in the locust has ended, west cool army has been repulsed by the tetrarch, want us to be sure to leave zhong yao's army in xinfeng, seibel general has led troops to come, want us to join forces to annihilate jun." Lieutenant trot into handsome account, to wei hand way.寡妇西条丽




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