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交换小说系列合集txt|郦志隆"Wu ~ wu ~ wu ~" in the strange sound of horn, those pursuing the army stopped to continue their pursuit, but zhang he is not happy, because he had heard the sound of the horn in the wild goose gate, it is the arrival of lu bu will sound the horn, that is to say...... Lyu3 bu4 arrive personally! At this moment, zhang's only remaining fighting will dissipate.'last leave! The magnificent sea a salute, turned and walked, without the slightest muddle."It is for the enlightenment of a young child." Xun yu shook his head and said, "I heard that lv bu is now running a rural school. If he can really promote it... "

Looking at the banner of yuan zi still fluttering high in the city, lu kuang's mood did not improve, but became even worse. It was not lv bu, that is to say, ye city itself was in chaos first, but it was chosen at such a critical moment."The general thinks that even if you and I withdraw now, the enemy will let you and I leave in peace? From the moment we decided to go, there was no way out.""Come on." After a glance at the direction of cao's departure, lu bu knew that he had missed his chance to kill cao cao. If cao cao died, the battle would be defeated, but lu bu's plan to take jizhou was ruined.交换小说系列合集txt|"Together! Kuai is standing in the CAI side, smell speech frowned, regardless of zhongyuan governors and scholars to lyu3 bu4 disdain, disdain, but of its soldiers back fill, is tangible, kuai more or CAI, all that, look to the CAI said: "the regardless of success or failure, to return, to contribute to master and tso bureau of alliance, total resistance to lu bu."

交换小说系列合集txt|As a general, one does not want to have such a good soldier under one's command. Unfortunately, there are not many such arms in the world.It was one of the most fascinating debates in the past century, with dong zhongshu's views on one side and shang Yang's reforms on the other side.Most importantly, mo said that the two together, is any one, lu bu is also very difficult to deal with.

Lyu3 bu4 cavalry is the biggest advantage of flexibility, mobility, creeping, cao cao in this step-by-step, now trapped horse pit and ravines, and trapped horse pit requires simple, add these camps out in January, can insulate yecheng and lu bu, cao cao only dispatched a batch of crossbowman can be lyu3 bu4 cavalry closed completely.In a line of people without saying a word to go forward, the front suddenly heard a different movement, the people around have to go back to both sides of the street."The sovereign's eagle! Ma tie and jiang orz excitedly shouted, opposite MAO jie can clearly feel, in this moment, the morale of the lv bu army suddenly lifted a section.交换小说系列合集txt|





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