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九州问题少爷弹性地砖"Master, done!" Fire rear, han DE excitedly brandished the hand of the mountain axe, on lu bu way, behind a group of soldiers also show excited look."What's going on?" At the moment, wang yue instead calm down, the total is to come."Ha!" Liu bao heart suddenly have a very absurd feeling, like an assassin staring at him, pointing to the eagle way: "who can shoot down this beast, I will promote him to do commander!"

In his hind hind, the 2 qiao that fall to be graceful and graceful also is the vision is blurred look at all these, Yang xi sits boldly on lyu3 bu4's leg.On the other side, Addis with dozens of women held captive to hire and return to jingzhou, only to find that many city jingzhou martial law, some ask, cause is not only his own original article employed in xiangyang city captured by zhou cang, etc, the body of a dozen QinBing was soon found that the natural in Addis head, liu table very fury, humble young, running not only make the wind have rain, the jingzhou soldiers lost face, more run to xiangyang city hubbub, immediately ordered the CAI checkpoints everywhere arteries martial law, however, also will give out this group of women, must be punished severely."Rightness, this call preempt a person." Lu lingqi clap clap hands way: "so do, sweet son, show out our flag, send another notice juyan king to meet."九州问题少爷Many shanzhai did not need lu bu to send troops to attack, they have been unable to maintain themselves, since lu bu entered chang 'an, the whole chang 'an, at least ten more villages were either destroyed by the officers, or they can not go on, dissolved.

九州问题少爷Pound has completed the charge, round the arrows have blanket cover down, the morale of the huns vanguard of a setback again, when ha wood son a charge, pound a kill with the people to come in, hands sword dancing in the breeze, like an awl stab violently into the formation of huns, immediately will tear the formation of a cut, huns dark army pressure up behind, will be expanding the incision.

There were also wise men who covered the eyes of their horses and rushed out of the sea of fire with speed, but what awaited them was not a new life, but the relentless mass of cold arrows.Shaking his head, burn when Lao wang looked at han sui, sighed: "general han came, I have been clear, but this battle, I burn block qiang has decided not to participate in the future xiliang is your han sui, or for lu bu's gain, it has nothing to do with my race.Number though not much, but the march, three hundred Biao ride who, is equipped with a saddle, stirrup, the horseshoe nail, protected by double alloy plate, internal chain mail, waist ku Tibet, hands a rhubarb crossbow with a crossbow, and spears, weapons, nearly three hundred people were armed to the teeth, single is the cost of these weapons, is sufficient to armed thousand chosen men, if is ordinary soldiers, can be armed, five thousand people, is looking at, let Chen palace and marotta feel love dearly, this also is a title of generals in ancient times the camp after officially built camp, fang show to the world for the first time, a high morale, wish immediately flew to the hetao, big kill.九州问题少爷




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