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joyvpn雪域男金胶囊"Or different degree to see the real." CAI MAO said with a smile: "so, please write to general cao ren, we bypass the tiger prison, from the edge of meng jin kou, direct attack luoyang!""Therefore, if I were lv bu, I would first defeat our army, and then xu tu and yuan shang. If our army were defeated, the best choice would be to retreat to the central plains and annex qingzhou." Guo jia flatly way.< / p > < p > two people run all the way, met on the halfway jingzhou general wang wei, the two sides together, gathered thousands of troops, just a pause.

Didn't know that was luck, lyu3 bu4 Yuan Jia two sons fight will start so fast, that he was ready to play a big fight, and even life cioffi transferring fifty thousand slave soldiers addition, today's dispense with a lot of trouble for him, but as applied to soldiers, the next biggest problem, I'm afraid, cao cao to cao cao's side a group of counselors with cao cao, make so much noise here, in the heart of cao cao, if indulge themselves by spent in jizhou, lyu3 bu4 would feel strange."What's the matter? ?" Yuan shouted angrily as he watched his soldiers, squeezed under the city wall, being repeatedly killed by the defensive instruments at the top of the wall.CAI's getting a little pale complexion, especially to see the full 50 luoyang soldiers began to throw the winch, the frequent shrill creaking noise, three lined up outside the camp four hundred steps of crossbow, the spear like giant arrows with the backward, the rotation of the capstan xu li, an unutterable depressive mood shrouded in everyone's mind in the camp, someone started to subconsciously evasion, for unknown things, people instinctively with fear.joyvpnLuoyang, if say the biggest winner, I'm afraid to liu bei, after regression JingXiang table quickly with liu bei as the corps commander liu, guarding jiangxia, back the army of forty thousand troops, in addition to the majesty that the men stay in xiangyang, thirty thousand military forces guarding jiangxia table to liu bei, liu, liu bei although is still a sponsor, but also have a piece of land of foundation, have a certain autonomy.

joyvpn"Military order mountain, also hope big childe mo to let the end will be difficult to do." General eyes flash a kill machine, sen ran way.All eyes look, zhaoyun heart suddenly sank, but see the front of the official road, a person on a ride, although only one person, but the pressure brought to the people than the rear these troops have to be big, legs under a horse, the hand of a green dragon crescent moon knife, face such as heavy jujube, look at between the awe-bearing, with a rush of proud air.After thinking about it, they nodded their heads and said, "I hope the champion hou can keep his promise."

< / p > < p > ma chao yong has been deep jingzhou soldiers heart, at the moment to see zhang fei and ma chao killed such a long draw, the heart hold back the mouth resentment at the moment finally have the place to vent, do not need to guan ping how to encourage, began to spontaneously for zhang fei cheer."Expect to withdraw soon." Liu2 bei4 very simply archway: "of course, this matter preparation can't make a decision, all leave to the arrangement of the great commander."For example, guan yu and zhang fei, both of whom had been given this hat, were often accused of exaggerating. However, lv bu had the skill. It was easy to defeat him, but difficult to kill him.joyvpn




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