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幸运之王|易道稳诺官网"Lord duke has captured taiyuan and ordered wen yuan to cross the river from han Yang to land on the bank. Seibel some laugh way, the current situation, political blocked off river, almost all of the ferry to display the geographical advantage to the extreme, seibel, zhang liao is such a star, also are limited by the river to the dock, and political itself, also have the ability, can now hold positions of power are relative, but gao gan itself can also be very good, at least in the defense, do so.Horses collision, a title of generals in ancient times who the horse's head with a metal helmet, will smash butch ride horses across the skull, Tibet and the ring-pommel dao reflects the light with a scarlet across the opponent's body, without stirrups and the advantage of the saddle, countless butch knocked on soldiers have to fly up, but followed by sabre also crazy plundering the opponent's life.Princes under the rule of the family is not fool, money which do not earn the truth? What's more, the outflow from lv bu's side is a tight sale in the central plains. Even though cao cao, liu biao and sun quan all attach great importance to the zhen family, they can't resist it even if they know it is at lv bu's instigate.

"Quick, back to camp!" Yuan shang finally knew that he had been calculated, damn cao cao, but at the moment also can not continue to complain, hurriedly ordered his men to rush to the high platform.But by the end of changan is different, just rest a day, just got caught by the lyu3 bu4 able-bodied man, don't say now three auxiliary, compared with past already, light is always from the western regions caravan, even equal to hilo-systems area of population, the land of the three auxiliary the livelihood of the people is not to say, now lyu3 bu4 stall, to deal with is more than three auxiliary, bing, deep and remote states, west spent cool, jizhou and the western regions, the problem of hetao, will be summarized here.Lu bu's horizon how high, at that time in the eyes of lu bu, eyes wide, zhang liao, gao shun two generals but even the top 20 are not qualified, only a magnificent sea, can be on the same level with guan zhang in martial arts, as for xu sheng himself, he did not dare to ask.幸运之王|Yuan shang could not help frowning slightly after hearing the speech. Now some people have called him Lord gong, only zhang he has been given the title. Does this mean zhang he has the same grudge against him?

幸运之王|"Office? Official?" Ma jun and pu master at the same time surprised, incredible look at lv bu, this is not on behalf of the craftsman can be an official?"Eldest brother, I think Sir Say of good, again not direct dozen CAI MAO." Zhang fei shouted.Marotta tiny one zheng, then suddenly, indeed, is just fell the yuan yuan tan, began to eager to cao cao suited, a relatively easy to attack yourself against yecheng, what do you think are a little petty, but also exposed the cao cao yuan is in the heart want to pit the idea of a, this kind of person, if cao cao died, the Allies still not really willing to come and help, marotta a face of admire at lyu3 bu4: "master foresight, Confucianism also."

"Master, do you seek me?" Ma dai opened the door and stepped in, looking at lu bu.Glug ~"Poof ~"幸运之王|




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