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绝代商骄剧情介绍|蔓妮韵瘦身贴"Elder Yang doesn't have to be polite." Lyu3 bu4 stepped forward, stretched out his hand to help Yang Wang, smiled and said, "I heard the article and mentioned it a long time ago. The patriarch Yang is a rare hero among the Qiang people. Whitewater Qiang has the potential to become what he is today, thanks to the power of the patriarch alone.""What?" D eyes flashed a touch of shock, a grab from the hand of pound sheepskin scroll, quickly looked down, for a long time, just took a deep breath, looked at marotta, put away the shock of color, sink a track: "Is the news reliable?""That's enough." Guan Yu sighed and looked at the coppage. "Guan Mou can promise to surrender, but he has to promise three conditions. If not, Guan Mou would rather die!"

Lyu3 bu4 nodded, He decide to join that third division, There are also plans to subdue the qiang people, It's just a short time, Also can't find a breakthrough, giffin now put forward, nature should refer to, qiang people, people and conference semifinals, can't blindly suppress, at the same time, to show bravery, but also to huairou policy conciliation, to facilitate and induce, gradually sinicize it, but how to do, also need to think carefully, also want to collect more information about some qiang people."Master, now west cool endangered, heard that Korea hence has sent troops herding horse slope, we now turn into hetao, west cool war situation I'm afraid..." Han De sat beside lyu3 bu4, dry lips trembled a few times, worried asked.绝代商骄剧情介绍|Lyu3 bu4 satisfaction, however, is the sable cicada as early as in the north and south, has been pregnant with his flesh and blood, this is lyu3 bu4 in the true sense of the first child, that will be the joy of the father, even more fierce than when defeating the west cool army.

绝代商骄剧情介绍|Pick up a cooked copper stick, looked at zhong yao's army has fled, gas don't play a place, roar 1, if mad tiger, directly into the crowd, copper stick in the crowd again and again, jun soldiers along the way no one can catch him a stick, just a moment, then killed to the rear of jun."Lyu3 bu4!?" Call hutch springs smell speech can not help but a surprised, incredible look to fold Ke.

"The name of the doctor, Mr Long Ming spread all over the world, Mr Bu also know the ambition of hanging pot, but..." Lyu3 bu4 looked at Hua Tuo, "Sir," said Lin Ran, "have you ever thought that even though your medical skill is of the highest rank in the world, it is still only one person? But if you can carry forward what you have learned, there will be ten Huatuo and a hundred Huatuo in the future to help the world. This merit is by no means comparable to that of a single person.""Seibel said good." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, sink a track: "Millions of people, concerning the future of our army, can not afford to lose, we avoid this war is inevitable, but will be destroyed, over will win the world!"Iron hoofs crushed the quiet of the night, five thousand knights with a full of excitement and Xiao Keli gas, with as if to destroy all the fierce power, along the huns left traces, like a torrent of darkness, toward the front of nothingness.绝代商骄剧情介绍|




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