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余安安和周润发|邓州未来科技"Rest assured, liu zhang will come to you soon." Fashi smiled.< / p > < p > cold hum a, liu zhang will still open the letter, while walking to see, the brow is gradually wrinkled up.Chapter 54 the last day of the thirteenth year of jian 'an

"Great justice, uncle! Liu xun when the first stand up, liu bei deep a salute way: "I support uncle.""In the words of the Lord, it's a matter of perspective." Method are information processing, smiled and explained, "national salvation or curve, since milan do not attach importance to you, that he stood in the midst of let him seriously that a group of people, the heart is so strange, too easily, and will not cherish, but when you left him and show that you value, don't you go to ask him, he will naturally come grovelling please go back, and during this time, we can also from one end of the family, to prepare for the access to more resources.""Wing DE, stop! Zhuge liang's voice timely sounded from behind, interrupted zhang fei's momentum.余安安和周润发|But the angel of five road governors were involved in the songshan cemented, the eldest son liu to follow for cemented, sent to the milan to indicate a downward cemented, and Liu Beize is entrust military cui state flat, and close with guan yu, huang zhong, although the originators of cemented is cao cao, but in the end, or the liu, Liu Beishen for transgressions against lu bu one of the main force, while the forces than cao cao, but not weak momentum, as far as saying this is sent by ms, jiangdong although has not been completely for many, but is willing to support some hay cao cao, LuJiang shipped ShouChun, has gone through a support for the cemented.

余安安和周润发|"So soon?" Lyu3 bu4 and pound's brows a wrinkly, according to reason just yesterday eat defeated battle, have an effect to the morale of liu biejun certainly, according to yesterday's performance of liu biejun, liu biejun's quality obviously inferior to cao jun's elite.Chapter 72 suspicion"Scared? Lv bu bowed his head and looked at his son's disappointed face, shaking his head and smiling. "Not timid, but the shoulder the burden of heavy, if your dad is still only five hundred fighters now, is the world governors, torre also not afraid, dozen don't win, I can run, and even if lost, I'm nothing at all, but it's different now, have you, and a few of your younger brother younger sister, your mother and aunt, account ministers, generals, millions of people and the north, the father lost, but now, but can't afford to lose, sign son, remember that the most proud of, must be alert, because the person is the most proud of, is often the most dangerous time."

"Fire!" Almost at the same time, guan yu and pound issued orders at the same time."General, what fire is this? I can't see how the crossbow was completely destroyed!" A lieutenant kicks the wheels of the crossbow and looks at pound in surprise. Though the crossbow is black, the frame of the crossbow has not been destroyed."Kill!" Although surrounded by heavy encircled forces, these soldiers were almost equivalent to zhou yu's dead men. Facing the siege of jingzhou army, they did not fear at all. In the roar, they resolutely followed zhou an to kill zhang fei.余安安和周润发|




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