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7890电影网|非瘦不可Liu bao in the pro - wei surrounded by, embarrassed to fight out of the battle, looking at the gradual collapse of the huns army, pain closed their eyes, lost!< / p > < p > looking at lv lingqi icy eyes, wen bing only feel chest a suffocating, but he had the idea of looking down before, this gun is also used five points of force, at the moment just realized that the woman not only cunning such as fox, the ability is not worse than himself, at the moment put up the heart of looking down, with lv lingqi killed in a place."Why?" The king of each slaughterer sneered and said, "just because I have many soldiers to slaughter, the rule on the grassland has always been that the strong are respected. Now I have 8,000 warriors to slaughter each one, and the sum of you on both sides is only 10,000.

Lyu3 bu4 did not comment about it, special operations has sprout in this era, such as lead seibel camp, cao cao's butch ride, has become a charming righteousness from history, in a sense, is the era of the special, the value of such a force exists, the consumption of the battlefield is not for us."Useless talk, you think, our home general only seven thousand people, han sui but at that time three hundred and fifty thousand people in there, calculate station let us kill, at that time half a moment all kill not over, you think, at that time if not han sui direct run, how can defeat of so quick?" Jun han shook his head.Gently sighed, as the successor of the future xiongnu, liu bao began to worry about the future of xiongnu.7890电影网|Cool lu bu is now the world of Chinese and western, hetao nor safe, as for the central plains warlord, Korea hence did not even want to think, whether lombardi or cao cao, alone the huns, will never let him, for now, it seems that also can only walk to the west, zhang ye, the silk road, west thirty six countries, to discuss with skill, not dominating the silk road, but where one party will be a problem, is also afraid of can't live?

7890电影网|Psychologically speaking, people with physical defects or ugly appearance usually have an innate sense of inferiority in their bones. Once such people have outstanding abilities in some aspects, they will become extremely proud. Lu bu did not pay attention to pang tong's rudeness, which he still has room for.Thirty thousand troops to Korea hence the hay now, simply couldn't afford to, and so, rather than with the three thousand elite, take all the hay, while zhang liao relax vigilance, in force for bait, himself with three thousand elite fled, stay zhang liao to react, army from already, familiar with the theory in the west is cool, who can compare with him, even if lyu3 bu4 back, also after it.Zhang liao shook his head with a smile and did not answer.

After a long time, lu bu raised his head and looked at lu lingqi. "father wants to see them first, xiao qiao.JingZhao, now is the political and military center, lyu3 bu4 and harmony of the cold, in the coming year, lyu3 bu4 have to do is keep things artisan battalion of the new developed step by step to promote to the people's livelihood, JingZhao nature is to play a role model, if next year to good crop weather, combined with new tools to improve efficiency, the harvest will be far more than other counties, is this, to further consolidate lyu3 bu4 then itself has a very important role.Sima feng looked at CAI yan with a flash of complexity in his eyes. He had a little friendship with CAI yong and admired his talent.7890电影网|




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