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吴映洁胡宇崴|蜂花前清茶价格Although the huns did not know why the han people would let them go so kindly, their desire for survival had completely covered up their personal will, and a large number of huns rushed towards the camp like a flood burst the dike."Will Lao wang sit by and watch me perish?" Han sui looked at the burning old king with poor complexion."Care? Tian feng was still angry and said, "our army only needs to break through cao cao, but lu bu could not survive without moss. Now we send someone to provoke lu bu for no reason.

"Strategist? What are you doing here?" Xiongkuo sea turned head, looking at jia xu accident way."Well!" < / p > < p > deputy excitedly agreed to a sound, began to call retreat, just at this time, the other military suddenly a change, from the middle split a gap, lv bu that a striking suit of equipment in the sunset is particularly dazzling.This time is the peddler side price pressure too cruel, plus some discrimination in the language, caused the dissatisfaction of the qiang people, from the beginning of the quarrel developed to later start, the result made a life.吴映洁胡宇崴|Chapter five the day of the chicken

吴映洁胡宇崴|Lyu3 bu4 eyes flashed a bit, not six months, the huns although he played last year was weakened, but in the last year, the huns can't so imposing manner, the huns of last year, is like a head only know rampaging beast, only need a little guidance, can oneself by myself, and now, lyu3 bu4 on the thirty thousand army of huns, experience a past huns can cause in his discipline!Behind the formation began to collapse, the terror of death thoroughly the tu the warrior that had deserted him, like the rainbow in front of people are beginning to panic to bridle horses, were followed by unidentified truth tu the warriors into it, suddenly a mess, tu the king some out, flapping wild whip, want to drink to stop mess, just before impact is too fierce, at the moment tu the soldier had crashed into a ball, can control the horse.Lv bu thought a way to think: "then by you take 20,000 tuntian army tun yu hong farmers, carry on tuntian."

"The Lord at the end." Liao hua with the sore wound all over the body, to lv bu hand salute."Go!" Gently relieved the chest of a knot of gas, ma chao pulled the REINS, let the army stand by, he took ma dai and the north palace away to meet.Had lyu3 bu4 swept west cold, out of forty thousand soldiers, and have a certain strength, it is under special circumstances, promote grass-roots fighter, taking drastic measures to originally belongs to the slew of han sui military commanders, and basic it is all the way in winning, just can raise morale is a little bit, but right now, so the lack of display means of space, the heart will be different, and those not idea, this is not just han could have at least before these people assimilate into their own, this gap is always can't erase, so tu the four thousand soldiers, lyu3 bu4 did not immediately, but let d, Ezra pound, such as people go to the training, At the same time, the situation of the loop will be observed.吴映洁胡宇崴|




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