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古今中外船网郑州惠普打印机售后Pang Tong smell speech can not help nodding: "Like master said, kongming although talent overflowed, but after all, before it was just paper, if not shu topography, he can't have the opportunity to hold up to now, but also therefore, kongming on the strategy, is a lot of progress, but jingzhou news, also should come, I don't know how to choose the kongming?""Bang ~"A group of QinWei twisted his head to look at, just for a moment, all around to stand the soldiers have not much, hesitate, have to throw away the blades in their hands, Xie Yun are dead, also fart, honestly was taken over by Wang Shuang.

Ready, pang tong with wei out of the city, a mile away outside the city, is see zhuge liang with zhang fei, there are two hundred armed with rattan shield sword jingzhou soldiers behind."Gudu ~" Ma swallowed saliva, in front of the gate opened, but waiting for them, but not necessarily what life."Soak in tung oil? If it is attacked by fire, the army will not survive." Zhuge liang frowned, but immediately think of the drawbacks.古今中外船网"Guanzhong crossbow of the power, bright early smell, if they put an arrow here at this time, bright but no winged virtue." Zhuge liang shook his head and laughed.

古今中外船网Chapter one hundred and sixteen lost YinLingIn fact, that battle, equivalent to their defeat, and then came lyu3 bu4 has strategized in shu, more let liu bei have a sense of anxiety, in the strategy of zhuge liang for him, shu is very important or even a key link."Go back and rest, and tell the generals to withdraw tonight, and make no mistake." Nothing to explain, zhuge liang waved, motioning for the people to retreat.

YanYan injury is not too serious, but the old man, injury recovery to slow down a lot, zhang fei this time is rare not ridicule, after all, the guanzhong army crossbow, that is even his second brother have to lose the array."Who sent the letter?" Zhuge liang result letters, casually asked.A simple trial-and-error battle, It doesn't say anything, And then there's the aftermath, Yan Yan counted the losses after returning to Dianjiang, Heartache found out that eight thousand military forces out of nearly two thousand people, and the damage to each other, is very few, such a huge proportion of war damage let yan yan in addition to secretly scold wei timid, dare not play contact with him, also has no meaning, even without regard to the injury on the body then wrote a war paper to send to jiangzhou.古今中外船网




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