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陈谨汐|娇肤Although it is now spring, but the northwest is still not warm, such a bubble in the river, even if not killed on the spot, I'm afraid also can't get to Hanoi."In the past, the general's prestige on the prairie, although it has been many years now, but the whole prairie also no one does not know. Moon king laughed."Back to the tetrarch, d life ma dai rate army retreat to linjing, burn when Lao Wang took people to intercept, d rate of two thousand military forces killed scattered, now has fled back to ping-xiang."

"Go, this is a military order!" Chen Xing dissatisfied with the stunned lieutenant, harsh voice."There is no harm in saying what one thinks." Light looked at Chen Xing, seibel nodded.Bedside, the sable cicada has got up, because has been pregnant, last night was not too absurd, but two little nizi, last night, delicate body curled up in lyu3 bu4 chest, delicate face, also hung with the satisfaction and joy after the rain and dew.陈谨汐|...

陈谨汐|D military forces gallop overnight after all is now sleepy, after a moment of stalemate, gradually showing signs of decline, only d, rushed to the left in the crowd right tu, past, blood filled.Zhou Cang smell speech, some don't accept, but lyu3 bu4 has rode out, red hare on foot, casual walk generally came to less than ten zhangs away from d."Just now our forces, to defend..." Marotta hesitated, he naturally understand lyu3 bu4 worry, but now, with more than one hundred thousand people, there are the huns south, only with the fifty thousand people, how to prevent live.

"Today, the white water qiang must submit to me!" Ignoring lyu3 bu4 party day painting ji, north palace away from the beast-like eyes looked at Yang Wang."Zhou Cang." Lyu3 bu4 side glanced at each other, see armor should be the city guard, when the party day painting ji a finger, this level of generals, is not qualified to let him, just light way: "This waste, leave it useless."At the moment, the cavalry has come near, in the crowd, a green robe, three locks of long beard giffin was bound in a group of broad-waisted, murderous soldiers, especially prominent.陈谨汐|




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