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红楼春上春qvod|lumi美白丸专柜价格"Zhou yu? Zhang fei recognized zhou yu at a glance, his eyes flashed a ray of excitement: "my boys, let me kill!"Rear, quickly rushed up to a sword and shield and spear hand fill the vacant position, before such a scene in the wall, each place has been played out jun outlaw impact at all costs, even though to see that the other party is in the limits of their own was not willing to give up easily, but if you see, seibel nor is there any way to tiger fastened shut can never lost, he can only with the enemy hard shake, fortunately, high comfortable have sufficient strength, but if continue so consumption, lighting must be his first, cao cao is also saw this, only costs in this nearly in life change life style, The advantage of the crossbow of guanzhong army was greatly reduced under the opponent's deadly fighting method, and the effect was more effective than liu bei's test of not getting angry.After sun jing off, cao cao back to camp, to xh, inquiry results, only the results, let cao cao drop of blood, from the first arrow, correlation, both sides after the cavalry, infantry with array forced retreat seibel, a field battle down, cao cao lost nearly twenty thousand horses, the results, let cao cao drop of blood in the heart, the war of fifty thousand, but the elite of jun, travelling, experienced, fighting capacity.

"How is that possible? Wei yan frowns.The principle is not hard to guess!"All kinds of information have been sent to jiangdong by various means. But I heard that zhou yu was very strong. Ford nodded, then looked hesitantly at zhuge liang.红楼春上春qvod|Jun big tent, in front of liu bei and others, cao cao did not ask xh battle damage, but even don't ask, the battle brought together under cao cao's most elite fifty thousand troops, this also is not what glorious things, more important is the war brings to the governors big blow, seibel is gone, but the somebody else's time, perhaps because of physical run out of these reasons, but it is a battle, jun really not win.

红楼春上春qvod|Luckily, zhou yu had already sent someone to find out the water route under the water. Otherwise, in such a foggy day when the river was shrouded in fog, there would be a vast expanse of whiteness in all directions."Only ten thousand people, unexpectedly dare to go out to fight, this gao shun good big courage!" < / p > < p > shi yi could not help but shake his head and sigh, in his view, this gao shun with food delivery is no different.

"Still want to tell heaven and earth to say first!" Liu bei smiled and said, this is the rule."I don't know what the reason is. But in fact, the principle of the Lord is self-destruction of the promise, the loss of justice, how convincing?" "The king was tired.Cao cao heard this, and after a moment's hesitation, he said firmly, "the tiger prison must be broken. Liu bei's army is now blocked at the yi que pass, and cannot go any further.红楼春上春qvod|





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