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湘西剿鬼记|百分百拓展"How many did they come?" Chen qun looked at the door bo way."More than five thousand brothers killed." < / p > < p > ma tiecomplexion is not good, these soldiers are basically killed in battle before the encounter, especially after xia houyuan took a lot of crossbow, if not ma qiu and lu xiong broke his way back, make xia houyuan lead the army to break through, the final loss is afraid of greater.Zhang lu slightly frown, sink voice way: "again have what matter?"

"I know! Cao cao snatched the letter from the hands of a minor official and tore it into pieces crazily. Laughing, cao cao said, "we played a trick on him. I have no reason to be angry! '"General, the cao army in the city has been cleared." < / p > < p > a school lieutenant came to wuan county government, find the accounts of ma chao, bow way."Well." Lv meng nodded his head and hesitated for a while. He looked at zhou yu and said, "commander, why don't we attack jiangling by bypassing jiangxia instead of jiangxia?"湘西剿鬼记|

湘西剿鬼记|Zhaoyun glanced at eyeing around jun, shook his head: "feng had men and them not to leave, and I have a love heart, Lord of heaven and earth have a good living, if the general would not drop, and then take strange sword without eyes, the general measure, cloud will give general a wick sweet time to consider, a wick sweet, if any, cloud, waiting for you after a wick sweet, our forces will attack again, at that time, don't blame our biting!""Because you lack the eye and skill to weigh your interests as a sovereign." Sighed and shook his head is a way: "the family will continue to survive, as the Lord, the most important is not should know how to fight, but how to choice, Liu Jingsheng death, you had a chance to unify JingXiang, unfortunately, because of your wrong decision, will hope in cao cao, blindly listen to cao cao Suggestions, lost the opportunity to unify JingXiang, and now, as a householder, you should be clear, xiangyang can't keep long, both tongley brothers and pretending that all understand this truth, but you don't understand."

"Water attack can also try, I see their camps are wood, if water attack, will be able to destroy. "Said another aide."Ha, a even their ancestral business can not keep the family, that day the Lord and Lord mercy, let you leave, today even shameless came to instigate, you know, only we will report this matter to the department of punishment, on your remarks today, enough to put you to prison. Behind zheng xiaotong, a scholar sneered.At the same time, the clapboard above the ring was pulled down to reveal that the warlords were pointing down, and with a command, a row of warlords were in full swing.湘西剿鬼记|




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