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邮票价格查询网沈阳非凡创意动画制作有限公司In liu bei's memory, there are not many people under lv bu. Chen gong is one of them. I heard that he also found jia xu and li ru later."Dead!" Han rong jumped from the horse's back and ignored pound. The guns trembled and he stabbed two soldiers who were struggling to open the door and tried to kill them again. However, pound grabbed him from behind and hit his head on the back of han rong's head."Oh?" < / p > < p > cao cao received the letter, he was the first time from the tone of guo jia heard so some frustrated words, you know, today's cao cao than the former guandu war can not be the same, and lu bu momentum is sheng, but also far less powerful than the original four states of yuan shao powerful.

"You...... Hearing the words, CAI MAO could not speak. Hearing the footsteps behind him, he turned his head and saw the three brothers liu bei coming. He rolled his eyes and sneered, "even if it is like what you said, the duke of xuande took him in, but seized xuzhou while it was empty."But the Lord himself?" Jia xu frowns.Microbloggers are not willing to is true, stay in xiangyang, he has inherited the qualification of the table, liu today to jiangxia, tantamount to exile, liu table elderly, say words of unfilial, if there is if anything happens, according to the state no longer stand the custom of the young, there's a big chance to inherit microbloggers liu table inheritance, but was CAI encouraged "liu table will be transferred to jiangxia, gave up the inheritance is a disguised form.邮票价格查询网The days that followed, lu bu is not busy, but the things of press has been on the agenda, for two years, the paper studies already completed, xiaohong, can already make paper volume, but wang is not just a paper, since want large quantities of printed books, printing nature is a necessary part of the book store in print.

邮票价格查询网But also is to make a heart, when speaking, meteor hammer has been out of hand fly out, guan yu just a knife in the magnificent sea body pull out a cut, suddenly hear king drink, instinct of hide hide, originally hit to guan yu head meteor hammer hit on guan yu's shoulder, immediately let guan yu send out a pain shout."Thank you, my Lord." Zhen shi hurriedly kneels to thank gift.Zhaoyun has never heard of the word, but its general meaning is understandable: "go and find Mr. Yishan."

"Lady may rest easy." Henton smiles to say: "prior to this mound to strategist, has already prepared for the trip will not smooth, mound was not letter, but of yicheng city overnight, but let the mound was deeply convinced, strategist said, once in JingXiang, must fanfare, to get everyone knows, the two armies at war, did not kill to make, and now with our army, there is no conflict, liu jingzhou liu jingzhou cherish feathers, don't want to charging, need not I worry, considerate jingzhou liu will also find ways to protect us.""Death row! Guan yu was so angry that he abandoned the magnificent sea and killed the young general. Although his right shoulder was wounded by the meteor hammer, he could not make a force for a moment, but his left arm was intact."The Lord is at ease." "Chen gong said.邮票价格查询网





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