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雅枫凌月|快可士刮痕去除剂In the hall, Chen gong casually asked a few questions about people's livelihood, but pang tong casually answered, seeing things very clear, opinions are quite unique, often can point to the key to the problem.As long as lv bu is still in, they believe lv bu can take them invincible!"Men have been sent to follow, and marks have been made on the way, your excellency.

The local rout began to turn on the whole army, but liu bao could not do anything about it, because the main general of this part had been killed by lv bu at the first time. Although he was the temporary commander of the whole army, he did not have a great constraint on the troops under the main generals of the other three parts.But CAI MAO in all the key road are set up checkpoints, strict inspection of pedestrians, let lu lingqi quite a headache, so on, have to be blocked in jingxiang.In the past, the huns relied on their personal prestige, and once their momentum was frustrated, they would fall into a deep depression. However, at present, this army has some kind of command and order, which is arrogant, but strong in the outside, but also more dangerous.雅枫凌月|"That, consigliere... "The magnificent sea looked at li ru and said," is the Lord really attacking xiongnu in hetao grassland?"

雅枫凌月|Without any hesitation, lu bu directly used the spirit of the fake dragon in Beijing."Noise!"Unbridled, my Lord's name taboo, you a session of ugly Confucianism, also dare to shout!" The mighty sea stared round its eyes, and the sound sounded like a dull thunder. Pang tong wondered if he was going deaf.

"Shan yu." A strong man came forward and paid homage to liu bao.A cart of bodies were carried out from the camp, looking at these soldiers, zhang liao secretly sighed, 40,000 to the last 5,000 people are less than, these survived, should have been the most elite soldiers, the future of lv bu's army backbone, but it is a pity."Me?" "I am the strongest warrior of the xianbei people. You... "雅枫凌月|




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