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30年喝下3万多斤黄酒|卵巢保养产品排行榜In order to avoid costly, lyu3 bu4 again, this time is going to take three thousand troops, plus moon people from a five thousand died before (for many), the size of the added up to eight thousand people, but to the weakness of the huns now and the chaos of the hetao area, in lyu3 bu4, eight thousand people, has enough he quashed the hetao area.Cool lu bu is now the world of Chinese and western, hetao nor safe, as for the central plains warlord, Korea hence did not even want to think, whether lombardi or cao cao, alone the huns, will never let him, for now, it seems that also can only walk to the west, zhang ye, the silk road, west thirty six countries, to discuss with skill, not dominating the silk road, but where one party will be a problem, is also afraid of can't live?"Stop! Liao hua's eyes were cold and she stepped forward and shouted.

Dostie while alive, but also is limited to a few people around you know that others see wearing his armor was shot, natural as boss is dead, this time, let alone dostie dare not, even if he, also was not used, a debacle, in a rout in the army, under the condition of a person's strength is infinite small, dostie apparently not lyu3 bu4 that appeared on the battlefield can quickly restore morale ability and prestige, though unwilling, can do now is just a group of around kiss who, along with the crowds away."Young lady, the Lord said, you of these soldiers, can follow in, but forbid to run disorderly, otherwise enter the restricted area by mistake, will be killed on the spot." With a broad grin, he waved at the group of women and said, "don't blame general Ben for not reminding you.""It seems that the new shan yu of liu bao is not incompetent!" When he learned that liu bao had sent a vanguard to storm the enemy, lu bu couldn't help laughing: "unfortunately, the men he sent were too careless. When we didn't know the enemy, they didn't build the village first, but came to drown in the battle. Is there no one in our army?"30年喝下3万多斤黄酒|"Are you awake? Clear voice, with a few bright, the man turned to look, but saw a tall woman with a bowl of hot porridge came to his side, crisp voice: Keats said you were hungry faint, a few days have not eaten?

30年喝下3万多斤黄酒|"Husband, look at our child." Diao cicada looked at lv bu feebly, the face is hard to conceal that maternal brilliance however."Don't think that gao shun unexpectedly so fierce!" Zhang he looked at the opposite as the rock general block in the ferry of the captured camp, can not help but think of the former that white horse from the army of righteousness, silently sigh in the heart, if ju yi is still in, first ascended when not inferior to this army."To save, of course, is to save, our troops can be there, can not save, but now can not save, we must let these people long a little memory. Lv bu sneered.

As for the financial needs for the purchase of slaves, they were all stored by the slaughters and looted from the huns, which could be maintained in the short term, but in the long term, the huns might not be able to survive until that time."Be!" Four brave men step forward, stretch out a hand to lead, toward lu lingqi way: "young lady, don't want to let the subordinate difficult.""Not now." Lv lingqi shook his head: "father said good, if so for no reason to use me as the general, will let people say that his father no one, I should first in the central plains to play their own reputation, and then lose some generals, back, father also need not be difficult.30年喝下3万多斤黄酒|




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