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胡雯靖照片|19座幼儿园校车价格A crossbow arrow frame open, the other two crossbow arrow is directly in the sand mo ke startled eyes shot into his chest and abdomen, incredible stare round eyes at wei yan."Then add another layer, anyway, the rattan shield light, the two sides of the rattan shield stack together, also can't add much weight. Zhang fei also don't want to.According to Zhang Fei's experience, Normally, if a crossbowman gets close, Then of course it's going to be a mercury diarrhea, With one gusto, Kill the enemy until they fall apart, But when the real battle is over, The one-sided picture did not emerge, the seemingly flawed army, At the beginning of the battle, as embedded in their own small gyroscope general crazy spin up, the chop sword is designed after, suitable for step length, some similar to later samurai knife, and the local sergeant's skills are not much, is a move sweep, a knife, quickly retreat, then another person to continue sweeping.

"Conspiracy is a felony." Looked at ChengFang one eye, lyu3 zheng made a chop gesture, the understatement, as if to kill is not a group of people, but a chicken."Looks like three more defeats?" Ma sneer at a way."General lee is not good at guarding the city at the moment, but assemble here, what do you want to do?" XiongKuoHai faint swept Li after the whole body of the troops one eye, asked sullenly.胡雯靖照片|King!

胡雯靖照片|Tardif hiding in the side, saw the army siege, guan yu side defensive strength is weak, immediately rushed out on horseback, hand-drawn carved bow, hundreds of steps away, bow and arrow, horses galloping, serial three arrows.Army mighty come over, and then so powerful retreat, zhang fei for a time can't understand what's going on in the minds of these people?Sleeping in the street voice has some hoarse, dressed in uniform, he even personally killed two climbing up the wall of jingzhou soldiers today, but the words, it is obviously difficult to get behind the recognition of people, guan yu weak? Not weak at all, at least just this day and night of assault, there are several times almost by guan yu breached the wall, if this is weak, then what will be the strong?

"After this retreat, morale has been drained, and there is no point in fighting again. First we will finish the night, and then tomorrow we will fight again." Guan yu shook his head, retreat back to camp."But bluff!" Guan Yu frowned and thought about it. He looked in the direction of the harbor. He sneered, "You will bring a military force to the harbor. If the thieves come to attack, shoot them with bows and arrows.""Master, strategist letter!" Just as Liu Bei pondered whether to let Guan Yu stop attacking, digest the territory that has been hit down now first, a close guard came forward and handed a letter to Liu Bei.胡雯靖照片|




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