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aki sora|迷你风扇批发Normal people in the past, zhang yan so long dragging, there must be another plan, even if the idea of thinking to make contributions, also should leave taihang mountain first, after consulting with this side, then make the plan.No one knows how many enemies lie at the end of the desert. That kind of fear of the unknown let numerous jingzhou army spirit to the edge of collapse.Gu shao nodded silently without answering, and did not ask why it was 60 percent, because you are not the person of someone else, lu bu, willing to put money to you have secretly smiled, want to with lu bu's soldiers, officials enjoy the same treatment, that is a dream.

Pang tong smell speech can't help but stare big eyes, even if his daily also look over these books, but after all not as good as specific Chen palace, although know lyu3 bu4 on this side of business tax income, but also did not think of abnormal condition to this degree, a lot of money is lyu3 bu4 under unified currency, converted to purchasing power, billions of money, can be a ponzi-like home is such a big family to the hollowed out, pang tong, was born in a family, the family of a lot of things are all very understand, family although rich, but that was after accumulated generations or even dozens of generations, like lu bu one time tax can bury a family situation, almost afraid to even think about it."Three thousand? Madai nodded, frowning. "did you find out where the nearest army of thieves was?"It is to lv bu only, is air carry popular feeling to turn back again so simple?aki sora|"To command." Liu ye nodded his head. Seeing that cao cao had no other orders, he left. He knew very well that what happened next had nothing to do with him.

aki sora|Instead, changan, west cool, lyu3 bu4 long absence, Chen palace recently handed to the documents, there are many is the contradiction between the qiang han things, although the impact is not big, but lu bu don't want this behaviour continues to expand, the most important point is that as the seibel, zhang liao, d, wei yan, Ezra pound, the general has been sent to, changan, the cold has become extremely empty, if this time produce unrest, consequences, and therefore, lyu3 bu4 to bing to zhang liao and eyre do something after replacement, then with the giffin camp and a title of generals in ancient times returned to chang 'an."Ha, you just way come, see my Lord can break for you." Pang tong sprinkle ran a smile, proud way."Rumble ~"

"Lord, xu shu, please see me." Zhou cang's voice sounded outside the door.People can go, but money can't go!"Must have made a lot of money again." With a bitter smile, liu bei said that although he had thought of running a school like lv bu and publishing books, he was unanimously opposed by his advisors under the accounts for complicated reasons. In short, great families did not support this move.aki sora|




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