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黑豹彩蛋|金考网上阅卷"Thank you, sis." Big Joe pretty face reddish, hurriedly got up, pass good clothes, push still pretending to sleep of little Joe, came to the sable cicada, gently a blessing way.Chapter 32 ZuoXianWang"Master quickly withdraw!" Liang Xing saw zhang liao straight rushed to this side, a point under the gun, the army of unexpectedly no enemy, self-knowledge, hurriedly came to Korea hence side, disease track.

"Why?" Lyu3 bu4 puzzled."Let's go, Mei county is the only way back to the west cool army, find a good place to start, we have plenty of time." Lyu3 bu4 laughed."Well." Ma dai looked at d left direction, he knew, this time want to advise brother is difficult, promised, with one thousand cavalry slowed down, at the same time sent investigation ride around, to avoid being cut off.黑豹彩蛋|"You..." XiongKuoHai stare, want to speak, but was giffin to stop with his eyes.

黑豹彩蛋|Chapter 34 borrow troopsLi Bao smell speech, can't help but in the heart left mouth, He Yi He Man is what master? Clearly still don't believe them, but luckily, the general had already calculated this matter, had already prepared, now nodded: "So, at the end of the night, will lead the way for adults."Giffin did not answer directly, but asked: "master know, ma's father and son why among the qiang people have so much prestige?"

Seibel nodded: "before master five hundred ride broken city, with this method, hanoi military forces have been zhong yao evacuated, huai county garrison emptiness, to seal the city is not difficult."Soon, the prairie again rattled hoofs, a moon cavalry rushed this way, should be the moon people's troops."I'm fine." D took a deep breath, suppressed the frustration in my heart, turned his head and smiled at Pound. "We are still young, one day, I will surpass him!"黑豹彩蛋|




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