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秦海璐老公|伊香初蕊"Or cut off their food supply!" "One aide suggested."Kill ~"'how is it, Sir? < / p > < p > think of jizhou may be involved in the plot of lv bu, xia houyuan some impatient, although cao cao sent to ban and zang ba on the back, the army in pingyuan, wu 'an area, consolidate the rear, but xia houyuan do not want to follow zhang liao here idle.

"So jingzhou is in chaos?" Cao cao smell speech, frowned up: "just choose at this time!"The nighthawk turned and looked at shia, his eyes cold, a wave, two short arrows have been shot shia's key.秦海璐老公|"Oh?" Kuai more smile, see to zhang yun way: "is not fifty thousand army?"

秦海璐老公|"Good, bearer, send two river east emissary to rest." Yang fu nodded, attracted a maid, will take two people to the pavilion, with the maid before he entered the hall of his ministry of rites."When I speak, my word carries weight!" Lyu3 bu4 indifferent way: "say to put you, affirmation won't renege on a promise, before you go out chang 'an, I can assure nobody dare for difficult you.""Yes, there's no evidence of it, but it's the right thing to do as a householder, but you don't see it." "She sighed, shaking her head.

D to earlier and also lyu3 bu4 attaches great importance to a member of the generals, the cold in west, began to develop and hone d mind, show the art of war, personally lyu3 bu4 leading star under a lot of, but if we say, ride the war, before the arrival of zhaoyun, d been lyu3 bu4 first person, regardless of personal brave or command of cavalry, ride at will, lyu3 bu4 under a lot of d is the first, until the emergence of zhaoyun."Exactly." Xia houyuan said with a bitter smile: "the other side is not only a severe bolt arrow, there is a large bolt arrow, the range is very far, the original want to use the thunder car to deal with, how the thunder car can not be near, was the other side's bolt shot into a pile of rotten wood."Hum!" Chen GUI looks at lu bu with blank face.秦海璐老公|




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